Meet the Team

Debbie Sharp, founder of Recycle 4 Africa Group Pty Ltd.

The idea of waste as a valuable commodity, was just an idea 12 years ago, when presented with a problem at the Lodge that Debbie owned with her hubby, amassed quite a bit of waste, as the local municipal services wernt the most reliable at the time, so recycling became the name of the game. But as there were "tailings" non recyclables that were always a problem and this is where the Eviroblock idea was born. Some 8 years later, the enviroblock was born. Through may years of hard work, and development the concept of the envirobloc, was tested, and accredited. 

Through innovation, and the need to empower the youth, women, & companies to take responsibility for their own waste at source, the concept of CWMU (TM) was realised in 2019. Simple terms the CWMU, has all the technology available housed in a 6" or 12" container, to convert "tailings"to eviroblocks & Recyclables to bales ready for transport to recycler's. These CWMU are tailored to suit our clients needs. Business in a Box perfect for job creation and franchising waste stream.

Team R4AWM

Micheal Sharp (Operations)

Patrick Dlamini (Ops Forman

Themba, Lolyanda, Lucky (Operations Recycling)

Wonder, Arthur, Luaufa

(Operations Enviroblocks)


12 Cascade Road, Banners Rest Industrial Park.
Port Edward, 4295
South Africa




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