NET ZERO WASTE 2 LANDFILL the new normal

NET ZERO is now achievable, and worth perusing for all, but requires a "shift in attitude", which will impact on the legislation of the various environmental departments, around the world. Recycle 4 Africa Waste Management, can assist with scoping your waste problem areas, and assist with designing a plan, to achieve Net Zero to landfill. Our design is based upon the use of CWMU, which are mobile and convert a variety of products from waste to finished product.

There needs to be a call to action, after this COVID 19, we NEED TO CLEAN UP OUR ENVIRONMENT but with an emphasis on the development of small businesses that can convert waste into finished product.

Please give us a call on +27711193329, for more info. May God Bless, you and your family and keep you safe during this period of COVID 19.



12 Cascade Road, Banners Rest Industrial Park.
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